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A Note on Writer's Websites


Writers' websites generally confuse me: glossy headshots, tour dates, a new book out. I never get a sense of whether I’ll connect with their writing and end up searching Google for the disjointed crumbs of their words.


Websites never show me the edges of a writer's life and how it rubs up against mine. Writer's can't showcase any writing on websites, self-publishing causing the very thing they are selling to become unsellable. 

I wanted my website to feel different. Like a poke around my desk in 2014. A glance between my ears in 1995. A peek at my 2008 moleskin notebook. The good, the bad, the ugly.

The problem is that no one will want these stories and poems now.


Except maybe you? Maybe you’ll find yourself texting a stanza to your Mum or writing down a sentence on the back of your hand.


If anything here rubs up against your own life, please share it…


And if you want to read the stuff for traditional publishing, do get in touch. 

Fionna  - November 2022

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