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A note on my website

I see this website like one of my old notebooks: It's an archive of some of my writing. The good (see Latest Writing) which I've already shared. And the ugly (you decide) which are some of the more 'historical' pieces on here... 


If you are interested in reading the work I'm most proud of - the short stories and poems I submit for publishing - please sign up to my newsletter or contact me directly.

If anything I've written touches you, let me know! Writing can be a lonely pursuit and being told that a story or poem has connected propels me to write and share more.


If you're feeling shy, download my episode of On The Irregular podcast to learn more about me... or come and catch one of my poetry performances. 

A note on images:
I try to use images from artists I know and love to accompany my poems and stories throughout the website. If you're an artist and have an image you feel would pair well with something you've read, please get in touch. I cite all artists and add links to artist websites throughout the site.

- Fionna 






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