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©Monica Garniga

When i grow up i want to be an astronaut

(Commisioned by Dowson Primary School, Hyde)

I want to be an astronaut gazing at our planet

with all the folk like little ants

scurrying down on it.


I’ve travelled on an aeroplane and stood high on a hill,

watching all the lights below

twinkle and grow still.


The workers in their offices, the drivers in their cars,

the floodlights over stadiums,

the neon lights of bars.


But I want to be like you, Tim Peake,

far away from here.

To eat the food in plastic tubes and twirl in the atmosphere.


I want to feel no gravity, do a somersault in space.

And what’s it like to wear that hat?

And does it squish your face?

And what are all those buttons for?

And do you miss your mum?

I’ve got so many questions Tim, it makes my brain go numb.


I would miss dad’s spaghetti though,

and riding on my bike,

but I need to know the universe and what a spaceship’s like.


Oh, let me see our planet please.

The white, the greens, the blues,

‘cause I want to BE an astronaut, not watch it on the news!


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